Brought to life by shop owner Butch Laricchiuta, EZ Pulley started as a purely mechanical device designed to make the diagnosis of faulty bearings easier. 10 years in the making, EZ Pulley has been improved at every iteration.

Thoroughly modernized using powerful digital technology, the EZ Pulley team simplified and refined the concept to it's most practical and user-friendly form, truly deserving of the "EZ" name. Sweeping the 'Best New Tools & Equipment' Product at its' SEMA 2017 debut, EZ Pulley has become a must-have for any modern shop.


EZ Pulley delivers results instantly, so you can move on to the next task at hand. Quickly diagnose faulty bearings and save valuable hours eliminating guesswork and false positives.

EZ Pulley requires no complex assembly or mounting, attaching magnetically to the bolt or shaft of almost any rotating component, on any engine. You can be up and running in minutes.

Using the EZ Pulley App, available on iOS and Android operating systems, and instantly access simple tools to identify faulty components, download Pulley Data for an in-depth look at rotary component issues


Hands-free operation with your tablet or smartphone means no more leaning over the engine bay, no more close proximity to spinning components and belts, no more screwdrivers in your ear!

In a noisy, chaotic shop, detecting and diagnosing pulley faults requires concentration, training and good access to the engine. EZ Pulley eliminates the risky (and unreliable) method of ‘listening’ for failures - instead turning the slightest fault into a digital signal that can be recorded, analyzed and accessed through the paired smart device app.

EZ Pulley simplifies and streamlines rotary component diagnosis, leading to faster turnaround and reliable results, easing the load.



EZ Pulley employs finely tuned 3-axis accelerometers to detect even the smallest fault in pulley bearings. Digital tools allow precise diagnosis and repeatable results, time after time.

Having direct access to raw Pulley Data allows far greater accuracy in determining faulty pulleys, cutting out variables like ambient noise, unrelated vibrations, faults and user error.

EZ Pulley provides far greater accuracy and reliability for rotary component failures than traditional methods, eliminating interference, guesswork & interpretation and delivering results to the palm of your hand.

Pulley Talk
Pulley Talk